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Auto Locksmith – Stu Breaks Into A Car!?!

Stu's EZ Auto Remotes

Auto Locksmith – Breaking In…Good or Bad? Stu gets caught breaking into cars!  Is that a bad thing?  No…it’s what he does, he’s an auto locksmith and people ask him to.  And he does it quickly. We advertise on a number of sites and we want people to actually see the benefits of using Stu’s EZ Auto … Read more

Ignition Won’t Turn Key – There Are Several Reasons Why This Happens

Ignition Won’t Turn Key – A Surprise When It Happens Frustrating isn’t it?  You’ve jumped in your car, you have somewhere to go, you put your key in the ignition and…IT’S STUCK (darn it). You know you can’t force it, ‘cuz you’re going to break something.  What do you do? Ignition Won’t Turn Key – … Read more

Auto Locksmith – What’s Going On In Stu’s Van?

Auto Locksmith – Mobile and Ready Many people are amazed when I pull up to help them, open the doors to my van and start pulling out what’s needed to solve their key and auto remote problems. Auto Locksmith tools Keys Key fobs Electronic Key cutters More tools Desks & chair (yes, it’s a mini … Read more

Keyless Entry Remotes – Useful Things To Know (Or Not)

Keyless Entry Remotes – Useless Info or Not? My wife says that I know more useless crap about cars than the average auto professional.  That may be true, but I like my useless crap knowledge.  I’m passionate about cars, car accessories and, yes, keyless entry remotes. Keyless Entry Remotes – Why Are They Interesting? Now … Read more

Keyless Entry Systems for Cars – Highly Recommended in Preparation for the Zombie Apocalypse

Keyless entry systems for cars - zombie edition - Stus EZ Auto Remotes

Keyless Entry Systems for Cars – Can Zombies operate them? Do zombies still have enough cognitive ability to operate keyless entry systems for cars?  They might. If you’re a fan of the Richard Matheson novel, “I Am Legend” (and the movie adaptations – one recently with Will Smith) you’ll know that those zombies are quite cunning and capable of … Read more

Transponder Key – Is It Secure for You Car?

transponder key - EZ Auto Remote

Transponder Key Technology Most people don’t realize that their auto transponder key is actually a technologically advanced piece of equipment. Inside the key is a computer chip  that is programmed with an embedded code.   When the key is turned to start the car, the car scans the transponder key to see if the code matches … Read more

Replacement Remote for Cars – How Do You Make A Replacement Auto Key?

Replacement remote – How EZ is it to get one made? My motto is “See Stu…He’s EZ”.  Yes, EZ is a shorter version of easy.  And if you’re coming to me, I’ll show you how easy it is to get a replacement remote or duplicate key for your car. What makes it easy is not … Read more

Auto Remote – How Dirty is Your Remote?

Auto Remote | How Dirty | Stus EZ Auto Remotes

Auto Remote – Is it dirty? Came across an interesting article listing the 25 dirtiest things you touch everyday.  Yes, everyday you touch these things.  And some of them are really dirty. The auto remote is not on the list, but the TV remote is.  I bet your auto remote just as dirty as your … Read more

How Can I Get An Extra Remote?

One of the most common questions I get is, “How can I get and extra remote for (my husband, my teenager, my Mother, my admins, etc.) Going back to the dealer can be time consuming and expensive.  There’s and alternative..come see me. I have a full line of factory auto remotes (and other cool items).  Just bring the … Read more

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