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Factory Owners Manual – More Valuable Than You Think

factory owners manual - ezautoremote.com

Factory Owners Manual – Have You Ever Looked At Yours? The Factory Owners Manual.  Most people never look at them.  When people buy a car,  they get the keys, put the  keys in the ignition…and drive away. Rarely, if ever, does anyone stop and say “hold on…I’m not going anywhere until I’m sure I have … Read more

Remote Starter System – Why Have One?

Remote Starter System – Creating Comfort There’s nothing like sliding into a warm car on a cold day. But if you’re like most people, your car is just as chilly inside (if not even  more so) than the outside because you have to get into it, start it and warm it up before you drive it. Ok, … Read more

Auto Entertainment – Great for the Kids and Your Peace of Mind

Auto Entertainment – What goes with Auto Entertainment? Screaming kids..fighting kids…whiny kids.  I love them. NOT. Kids and cars go together for about ten minutes.  That’s how long a child (normally) can sit before they become bored.  More than ten minutes and the boredom sets in. When boredom sets in, nothing breaks the boredom better than … Read more

Blue Tooth for Cars – The Jetsons Never Had It

Blue Tooth for Cars – Is it Another Set of Hands? In the next phase of human evolution, we’ll need to grow an extra set of hands. Why?  Because of all the electronic stuff we’ll need to manage. And Blue Tooth for Cars might be that extra set of hands. Blue Tooth for Cars – The … Read more

Transponder Key – Is It Secure for You Car?

transponder key - EZ Auto Remote

Transponder Key Technology Most people don’t realize that their auto transponder key is actually a technologically advanced piece of equipment. Inside the key is a computer chip  that is programmed with an embedded code.   When the key is turned to start the car, the car scans the transponder key to see if the code matches … Read more

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