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Radio Repairs – Radios in Modern Cars are Computerized

radio repairs - EZAutoremotes.com

Radio Repairs – Back in the Day… Back in the day, car radios were separate units within the car. Granted, they were connected to other components like batteries and speakers. However, they were in most part semi-autonomous. Because of this simplicity, car radio repairs were more straightforward. You would simply take out the radio unit, … Read more

Auto Entertainment – Crazy Creative Car Entertainment Systems

Auto Entertainment – A Subculture of Crazy Good Creativity People love their cars.  And there is a subculture of people who love their auto entertainment systems in their cars.  They love them so much…they’re crazy. But it’s crazy good (not creepy, crazy bad) Crazy, amazing and crazy, creative.  Shown below are some of the most entertaining auto entertainment systems … Read more

Auto Satellite Radio – An Introduction to Satellite Radio

Auto Satellite Radio – What no commercials? Do you love commercials?  I don’t.  Nobody I know does. With the exception of the Superbowl commercials, I look to avoid them like the plague.  I use my DVR to blast through them, change the channels to skip them and make it a game to bypass as many ads as … Read more

Auto Entertainment – Great for the Kids and Your Peace of Mind

Auto Entertainment – What goes with Auto Entertainment? Screaming kids..fighting kids…whiny kids.  I love them. NOT. Kids and cars go together for about ten minutes.  That’s how long a child (normally) can sit before they become bored.  More than ten minutes and the boredom sets in. When boredom sets in, nothing breaks the boredom better than … Read more

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