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Auto Satellite Radio – An Introduction to Satellite Radio

Auto Satellite Radio - Stus EZ Auto RemotesAuto Satellite Radio – What no commercials?

Do you love commercials?  I don’t.  Nobody I know does.

With the exception of the Superbowl commercials, I look to avoid them like the plague.  I use my DVR to blast through them, change the channels to skip them and make it a game to bypass as many ads as I can.

Auto Satellite Radio – The real benefit

So why buy auto satellite radio? NO COMMERCIALS!  Commercial free.  Nada commercials.  Commercials no mas.  (Am I making my point?)

Although not the only benefit of Auto Satellite Radio…it’s one of it’s most compelling.  Honestly, because the need to gain attention has become so desperate, some commercials are literally screaming at you.  I hate being screamed at.  My mother used to do it…sometimes my customers do it (not at me, at their cars or auto remotes).

I don’t want to turn on the radio and be screamed at in between nice relaxing music.  So I have an Auto Satellite Radio.  And I love it.

Oh and anytime I want to relax… uninterrupted smooth jazz.  If I need some motivation… uninterrupted 70’s anthem rock.  Feel naughty… uninterrupted Howard Stern.

All on my Auto Satellite Radio.

Auto Satellite Radio- All you need to know

In the article below, there’s a great deal of information about Auto Satellite Radio, beautifully written (which I am both envious and thankful) provided by a professional writer (aha!)_ Marion Greenfield:

An Introduction to Auto Satellite Radio


Automobile manufacturers can now supply pre-installed, in-car satellite radios. XM Radio partners mainly with [see also ‘pipe flashing’ ] General Motors, Honda and Suzuki. Sirius Radio has Ford, Chrysler, and VW

Yes, I install auto satellite radio.  I’m Stu, give me a call.  I’ll give you a great price, install it for you and help you escape from the screaming.  It will make your life EZ.

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