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Broken Car Keys – Prevention or Intervention

broken car keys - Stus EZ Auto Remotes

Broken Car Keys – Usually Frustrating Have you ever tightened a screw so hard that the head snapped off?  Or tried to pry something with a screwdriver and broke the screwdriver in two?  You discovered that, yes, metal can break (especially when it is cold). I don’t know if this has ever happened to you … Read more

Auto Locksmith – Stu Breaks Into A Car!?!

Stu's EZ Auto Remotes

Auto Locksmith – Breaking In…Good or Bad? Stu gets caught breaking into cars!  Is that a bad thing?  No…it’s what he does, he’s an auto locksmith and people ask him to.  And he does it quickly. We advertise on a number of sites and we want people to actually see the benefits of using Stu’s EZ Auto … Read more

Ignition Won’t Turn Key – There Are Several Reasons Why This Happens

Ignition Won’t Turn Key – A Surprise When It Happens Frustrating isn’t it?  You’ve jumped in your car, you have somewhere to go, you put your key in the ignition and…IT’S STUCK (darn it). You know you can’t force it, ‘cuz you’re going to break something.  What do you do? Ignition Won’t Turn Key – … Read more

Auto Locksmith – What’s Going On In Stu’s Van?

Auto Locksmith – Mobile and Ready Many people are amazed when I pull up to help them, open the doors to my van and start pulling out what’s needed to solve their key and auto remote problems. Auto Locksmith tools Keys Key fobs Electronic Key cutters More tools Desks & chair (yes, it’s a mini … Read more

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