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Auto Locksmith – What Is A Real Auto Locksmith?

Car Remotes - ezautoremote

Auto Locksmith – Hopefully You Don’t Need One Too Often Sometimes everyday routines and the hustle and bustle of life distract people from keeping their car keys close at hand or in an accessible place. In such times there are only a few options a person has to choose from. They can either go back home … Read more

Auto Locksmith – Stu Breaks Into A Car!?!

Stu's EZ Auto Remotes

Auto Locksmith – Breaking In…Good or Bad? Stu gets caught breaking into cars!  Is that a bad thing?  No…it’s what he does, he’s an auto locksmith and people ask him to.  And he does it quickly. We advertise on a number of sites and we want people to actually see the benefits of using Stu’s EZ Auto … Read more

Ignition Won’t Turn Key – There Are Several Reasons Why This Happens

Ignition Won’t Turn Key – A Surprise When It Happens Frustrating isn’t it?  You’ve jumped in your car, you have somewhere to go, you put your key in the ignition and…IT’S STUCK (darn it). You know you can’t force it, ‘cuz you’re going to break something.  What do you do? Ignition Won’t Turn Key – … Read more

Lost My Keys…And Other Dumb Things We Do

Lost My Keys, Now I Feel Dumb “I lost my keys” – that is a dreaded phrase that includes feelings of panic, anxiety, and even embarrassment.  It’s OK though, most everyone has lost their keys at some point. Most of the time, “I lost my keys” is followed up by, “oh..here they are” or “viola, I’ve found them!”  Most … Read more

Auto Locksmith – How Does an Auto Locksmith Unlock Cars?

Auto Locksmith – Do Not Do This At Home You’ve seen the warning on reality shows, “Warning..do not try this at home!” Well, as a professional auto locksmith I offer similar advice, “Warning…do not try to break into your car to get to the keys you accidentally locked in the car!”  Sure, this warning is much longer, … Read more

Auto Locksmith – What To Do When You’re Locked Out of Your Car

Auto Locksmith – Darn, I’m Locked Out If you’re over 25, I believe that at least one time in your life, you locked yourself out your car.  What did you do? Some people broke the window to get into the car.  This is probably the worst thing you can do. Although it is expedient (almost as fast … Read more

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