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Key Stuck In the Lock – 3 Ways to Remove It

Key Stuck In the Lock – Not broken Just Stuck

key stuck in the lock - Stus EZ Auto Remotes

In one of my previous posts, I talked about removing a broken key.  In this post I want to talk about a key that is intact, but stuck.

Key Stuck In the Lock – Different Methods, Be Patient

If you find your key stuck in the lock (and it’s not due to a defective ignition cylinder, it’s just the key stuck in the lock) try these three methods to get it unstuck:

Jiggle gently

I know that sounds stupidly simple and you may have already tried this, but quite often I’ve arrived at a client call for a stuck key and when they demonstrate how stuck the key is, they are pulling on it as hard as they can with one hand.

I simply push down on the lock cylinder with the index finger of my left hand and gently “jiggle” the key with my right hand and it slides out.  Not always, but I start with this first.

Put ice on the key

If you have access to a piece of ice, rub it on the head of the key for a few minutes.  Cold makes metal contract, perhaps enough to get that key stuck in the lock loose so it can slide out.  Wrap the ice in a paper towel to keep water from dripping all over the place.

Don’t use any spray coolant, it’s messy and unpredictable.  Just a simple piece of ice (oh…and a paper towel for the water drips).

Graphite or WD40

This method requires a bit of forward planning.  You’ll need to keep a small tube of graphite or a can of WD40 in your car (WD40 is great to have for a lot of things, around the house too…and you can store it in your truck).

Drip a very small amount of graphite or spray a very small amount of WD40 (did you notice I said very small) into the lock cylinder and then try the “jiggle” method above until the key stuck in the lock slides out.

Key stuck in the Lock – Maybe you need an auto locksmith

If these methods don’t work, you need a locksmith.  In the case of an auto locksmith, if you’re within 25 miles of Fairless Hills, PA, I can be out to you within a half an hour, get that key stuck in the lock out, make you  new one (if you need it) and have you on your way.

Call me…I’m EZ.

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