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Auto Entertainment – Crazy Creative Car Entertainment Systems

Auto Entertainment – A Subculture of Crazy Good Creativity People love their cars.  And there is a subculture of people who love their auto entertainment systems in their cars.  They love them so much…they’re crazy. But it’s crazy good (not creepy, crazy bad) Crazy, amazing and crazy, creative.  Shown below are some of the most entertaining auto entertainment systems … Read more

Auto Alarm – Where Can I get Reliable Reviews

Auto Alarm – A Good Investment You’ve made a sizeable investment in your car…doesn’t it make sense to make a small investment to protect that larger one? The good news is that auto theft has been declining for a number of years.  Better technology to keep thieves out of the cars, well trained law enforcement and effective … Read more

Remote Starter System – Will Keep You From Looking Like A Soggy Mess In The Summer

Remote Starter System - great for hot days

Remote Starter System – What Are The Benefits There are many benefits to getting a remote starter system (see my super high ranking YouTube video with thousand of views to decide for yourself), but one of the most subtle benefits is also one of the most gratifying……temperature control. The interior of a car can easily get … Read more

Lost My Keys…And Other Dumb Things We Do

Lost My Keys, Now I Feel Dumb “I lost my keys” – that is a dreaded phrase that includes feelings of panic, anxiety, and even embarrassment.  It’s OK though, most everyone has lost their keys at some point. Most of the time, “I lost my keys” is followed up by, “oh..here they are” or “viola, I’ve found them!”  Most … Read more

Instrument Cluster – What To Do When They Don’t Work

Instrument Cluster – What is it? An instrument cluster is the collection of gauges, dials and lights right above the steering wheel that tell you what’s going on in your vehicle. Generally, your car’s instrument cluster will last the lifetime of the car and you’ll never have a problem with any of them.  However, when one of them … Read more

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