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Remote Starter System – Will Keep You From Looking Like A Soggy Mess In The Summer

Remote Starter System - great for hot daysRemote Starter System – What Are The Benefits

There are many benefits to getting a remote starter system (see my super high ranking YouTube video with thousand of views to decide for yourself), but one of the most subtle benefits is also one of the most gratifying……temperature control.

The interior of a car can easily get to 120 to 130 degrees in a few minutes.   Once the car has sat out in the sun, not only is the interior of the car hot, the steering wheel is untouchable, the seats will sear the back of your legs off and the knobs can cause 1st degree burns (I kid you not).

How A Remote Starter System Keeps You Looking Good

Actually one of the biggest challenges during the summer is keeping your clothes from being sweat soaked in two minutes (yes…your neatly pressed shirt or blouse can turn into a stinky mess in two minutes at 130 degrees).

As a favor to your style (and for all those people who have to look at your wilted self) here’s a one minute guide from Craig Stokes of styleminute.com on to what to wear to stay cool during the summer:

Remote Starter System As A Simple Solution

Why deal with this annoyance when there’s a simple solution.  Turn you car on a few minutes before you get in with a remote starter system.

In my opinion, this benefit is more important during the summer than the winter because you’re already bundled up from the cold when you get into a car in the winter.  The physical discomfort is not as unpleasant when you get into a cold car as it is when you get into a hot one.

Save yourself, save your clothes, get a remote starter system.

I can install one for you at my Fairless Hills location.  Just give me a call.

I’m Stu and installing a remote starter system is EZ

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