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Car Locksmith – What’s The Difference Between a Car Locksmith and a Door Locksmith?

car locksmith - EZAutoRemote.comCar Locksmith – They’re All The Same

A locksmith is a locksmith…right?

Hey now, hold on one cotton pickin’ minute.  A car locksmith is also a programmer.

Say what?  A car locksmith is a programmer?  What are you talking about.

Car Locksmith – Here’s The Difference

The difference between a car locksmith and a door locksmith is that locks in doors don’t have chips in them thet need to be programmed.  Car keys do.

Let me explain.

Back in 1993, car keys started being manufactured with chips in them that would SPEAK TO THE CAR THEY WERE MADE FOR. Yes, car keys that are made for a car have a little chip in them that is programmed to communicate with another chip IN THE CAR.  Without these chips (and the right program) the car will not start.

In order to make a replacement key for a car (for lost keys, lockouts, broken keys, whatever) the car locksmith MUST PROGRAM THE CAR KEY.  Well not actually write a program for the key, but they need the equipment to program the key and the knowledge on how to use it.

Car Locksmith – The Stu Explanation

Here I am in my mobile auto locksmith van.  I’ll explain in the video how an auto locksmith works:

Perhaps the video is more information that you wanted (or needed) about how your car keys work, but hey….I do this stuff for a living so I find this stuff fascinating.

Maybe you do too.  Or maybe you need a good car locksmith?

If you do, call me.  I’m Stu (and a darn good key programmer too) and I’m EZ.

3 thoughts on “Car Locksmith – What’s The Difference Between a Car Locksmith and a Door Locksmith?”

  1. The video shared in this page is really helpful to the viewers. Keep sharing more informations like this in the upcoming pages. For every problem about the lock and keys, locksmith is the solution.


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