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Remote Car Starter – How It Reduces Winter Wear and Tear On You Car

remote car starter - ezautoremote.com

Remote Car Starter – Necessary for People On The Go

On the go…drive and go…get up and go.  Do you see a pattern here?

We’re on the go, constantly.  Jump in the car and go.  Get there quickly.  Get it done.  Get back to do more. Go, go, go.

Certainly the pace of life is hectic, but one of the things that we do in our life (especially in the winter) is we get in our car when it’s cold, start it up and drive away without letting the car warm up.  Bad idea.

Remote Car Starter – How It Helps Prevent Wear & Tear

Not allowing your car to warm up in the winter can lead to a host of problems beyond the typically harsh wear and tear of winter.  Hear are some of the negative impacts of driving a cold car:

– increases the wear on engine parts because they aren’t well lubricated

– frost on the windows blocks the view (yes, we’ve seen how you clean your windows on a cold morning…shame on you)

– metal is more brittle when it’s cold. Bumps and jars when driving a very cold car and crack something.

– performance is sluggish (not so good if you need to suddenly accelerate onto a busy highway.

Remote Car Starter – Additional Tips To Prepare For Winter

Here’s some tips from our friend, Chris Heekes, an auto professional from Green Flag in the UK:

Remote Car Starter – Tips to prepare your car for winter on YouTube

Ironically, there are people who say starting the car with no warm up is OK.  Everyone has an opinion.  And they will justify that opinion.

But, my experience tells me (and I think you’ll agree) that getting into a warm car during the winter is still a lot better than getting into a cold one.  So even if there are differences in opinion on whether it’s good or bad, well there’s no arguing that it’s way more comfortable.

So rather than engage in endless debate, why not get a remote car starter.  Yes (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) I have one, I sell them and I think they are great.

A few minutes before I step out of the house, I hit the remote car starter and when I get into the car…bingo…nice warm car, no frost on the windows, and I believe I’m doing good for the health of my car (even if others says it’s irrelevant…phooey on them.

Why not think about getting a remote car starter for your car.  It’s not that expensive, you get a lot of comfort benefits and maybe save some wear and tear on the car.  Maybe.

Give me a call so we can discuss (or argue if you want) the merits of a remote car starter.  I’m Stu and I’m EZ.

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