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Car Key Replacement – Why Is It So Expensive?

car key replacement - ezautoremote.comCar Key Replacement – It Was Cheaper in the Old Days

In the old days, when you needed a car key replaced, you stopped by the dealer and they cut a new one.  They charged you a few bucks and you were on your way.

What the hell happened!  Why is it so expensive now to get a car key replaced?  Are the dealers nuts?  Charging like 200 bucks for A CAR KEY REPLACEMENT!

Well, let me explain what happened.  Electronics happened. Car Crime happened  The car key replacement went from a simple piece of hardware to a complex electronic instrument that needed to be programmed.

Car Key Replacement – Here Is Why It Got So Expensive

About 25 years ago (late 80s) car theft was really a HUGE problem in this country.  It was very easy to reproduce a dummy key and a mediocre car thief could be in a car and driving  away in less than a minute.  Hotwiring was also rather simple.  It took a bit longer and messed up the steering column, but it got the job done (the job of stealing that is).

Well that all changed with the introduction of the transponder chip.  Without a key with a transponder chip inside the car, your car will not start.

Nothing stops a thief like a car that won’t run.  and its WAY harder to reproduce a key today because you need programming equipment.

Car Key Replacement – Shameless Self Promotion

Here’s little ol’ me talking about transponder chips:

Car Key Replacement Video on YouTube

So, yes keys have gotten WAY more expensive than the gool ol days.  But the upside is that it WAY harder for someone to steal your car than it used to be.  And that’s a good thing..right?  Look at the expense as a type of insurance policy.  For a car key replacement that costs few bucks more, your car is less likely to be stolen (ever have your car stolen…it’s one of the suckiest things that can happen tom you).

BTW, if you want to save a ton of money and get a car key replacement withing your budget, see me.  I have most car key replacement fobs for most makes and models on my shop.  Call me, I’ll program your car key replacement quickly, reasonably, and efficiently.  Give me a call or drop me an email.  I’m Stu and I’m EZ.

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  1. an item you might want to cover-battery replacement in a smart key. Recently my car would not start-turned out to be a simple solution of the road service van replacing the battery in my smart key. Obvious now but not then


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