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Locked Keys In Car? The Most Common Reasons Why People Do It

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Locked Keys In Car…I’ve Seen It All

I’ve been getting hits on my site for several years now for the search “locked keys in car“.  These searches come from all over the country.

For local people (folks within 35 miles of my business in Fairless Hills) I can drive over to their location and solve their “locked keys in car” problem.  For people in Tennessee, sorry you’re a bit outside my area.

But, why do so many people experience the problem of “locked keys in car“?  Having opened so many cars, I usually ask, “What happened?  How did you get out of your car without your keys and then lock the door?”

The Main Reason Why People Lock Keys In Car

The number one reason is, “I got distracted and wasn’t paying attention.”  Ah…attention.  So many things compete for our attention….especially when you’re getting out of a car and have many things to do.

So what’s the answer? I’m not going to offer “pay more attention.”  That’s unrealistic and we’re human.  What I can suggest is that you set up a routine so you don’t have to pay attention!

Let me explain.  There are so many things that can knock your attention away from your keys (let’s face it, keys are not important until you don’t have them). So the best course of action is to do something so natural and habitual that you don’t have to think about it.

The three things I’m told that result in “locked keys in car” are:

  1. I put the keys down to get something out of my (pocket, wallet, pocketbook, glove compartment, etc.) and forgot about them
  2. I got distracted by (the kids, the dog, my husband, my wife, my Mom, my Dad, the ice cream I was eating, etc.)
  3. I thought I put it in (my pocket, my pocketbook, my briefcase, etc.) and it must have fallen out

So, in order to avoid these things, develop this routine:

Immediately after turning off the car, pull the keys out of the ignition and clip them to your belt or pocketbook.

Yes, it’s that simple.  Practice six to ten times doing this and you’ll never have to Google “locked keys in car” again.

It’s easy, simple and if you lose your keys semi-frequently (lots of distraction) it’s necessary.

What You’ll Need To Avoid Locked Keys In Car

You’ll need some sort of clip.  I use a carabiner which is a metal loop with a spring loaded gate used to quickly connect components.  You can use other types of clips, the sturdier the better.carabiners-stus-ez-auto-remotes

Yes, it’s that simple.  Clip your keys to your person (or the closest thing to your person, your pocketbook).  If you start locking your pocketbook in the car, find a way to clip your keys to your person (I have a friend who clips the keys to their work id around their neck…works for them).

Oh, and if you do need to Goolge, “locked keys in car”, I hope you’ll choose me to help you out.  I’m Stu and I’m EZ.

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  1. Hello,
    Losing key is really frustrating for us all. If you need quick access to your vehicle you will have to find a local locksmith. Really helpful your blog for us all.



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