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Wheel Covers and Hubcaps – How To Properly Remove A Hubcap

wheel covers and hubcaps - Stus EZ Auto RemotesWheel Covers and Hubcaps – Replace and Repair

I could probably work exclusively on replacing damaged wheel covers and hubcaps.  Why?

Because so many of them are damaged in the simple task of replacing a flat tire.  Most people do  not know how to safely remove Wheel Covers and Hubcaps and, as a result, split, crack, chip (in some cases, obliterate, because they are angry).

Granted, wheel covers and hubcaps do not come with direction for removal.  When you’re sitting in the pouring rain or freezing your butt off, you want to get the flat fixed and be on your way.  Nothing is more frustrating than a decorative piece of plastic (yes, the wheel covers & hubcaps) interfering with the simple task of flat tire removal.

Wheel Covers Hubcaps – Simple when you know how

But the removal can be simple…once you know how.  Many people will try to pry the  wheel covers hubcaps off with the lug nut wrench that they find in the flat repair kit in the trunk.  With the first attempt to pry the  wheel covers and hubcaps off, they damage it.

Listed below is a brief, but very informative video.  John, from Expert Village, shows how to safely remove the  wheel covers and hubcaps without damaging it.

Wheel Covers and Hubcaps – How To Remove A Hubcap on YouTube

Wheel Covers and Hubcaps – What to do if they are damaged

If, for some reason, your wheel covers and hubcaps get damaged, give me a call.  I either have new ones in stock or I can get replacements for you (and at a lower cost than the dealer).

Call me, I’m Stu and…I’m EZ.

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