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Transponder Key – Is It Secure for You Car?

transponder key - EZ Auto RemoteTransponder Key Technology

Most people don’t realize that their auto transponder key is actually a technologically advanced piece of equipment.

Inside the key is a computer chip  that is programmed with an embedded code.   When the key is turned to start the car, the car scans the transponder key to see if the code matches what’s stored in it’s computer.  If the transponder key code matches, the car starts…if not….no start.

Purpose of the Transponder Key

The main reason for the chip is to prevent auto theft.  Prior to the introduction of the transponder key, it was much easier to steal, copy and reproduce an auto key.  Today, attempting to reproduce an auto transponder key requires in-depth technical know-how and sophisticated equipment (see my video with my state of the art key maker).

Transponder Key In-depth

In the article listed below, the authors at Automotive Today offer an in-depth article on the security of a transponder key.

Why Transponder Keys Are Secure for Your Car ~ Automotive Today


Why Transponder Keys Are Secure for Your Car Do you wish to know in regards to the Transponder keys? These are often known as chip keys that have an in-built signal emitting circuit programmed in it. These keys are

One of my favorite paragraphs in the article is the last paragraph.  The article recommends that you get an additional transponder key (or several) from a source that’s experienced with creating and programming auto transponder keys.

Great advice…I’m that resource.  If you need additional transponder keys…see Stu… he’s EZ.

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