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Replacement Remote for Cars – How Do You Make A Replacement Auto Key?

Replacement remote – How EZ is it to get one made?

My motto is “See Stu…He’s EZ”.  Yes, EZ is a shorter version of easy.  And if you’re coming to me, I’ll show you how easy it is to get a replacement remote or duplicate key for your car.

What makes it easy is not only my expertise with 33 years in the automotive business, but the state of the art tool I purchased for programming a replacement remote for a car.

Making a replacement remote…

I thought I would put together this brief (but in my opinion, extremely interesting) video of how I make a replacement remote for cars and duplicate auto keys.

What you need to do to get a replacement remote

Just come in to see me with an existing key and the VIN number of your car (see one of my other videos on How Can I get An Extra Remote).

I’ll pop your key into the latest state of the art key-maker, do some computer wizardry, and PRESTO…a shiny new replacement remote for your car (and at a great price).

Replacement remote in minutes…How EZ is that?

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