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Factory Service Manual – Doing Driveway Repairs? Be Sure You Have The Factory Service Manual!

Factory Service Manual | Driveway repairs |Stus EZ Auto Remotes

Factory Service Manual For Your Car

There’s a lot of maintenance required for an auto to keep it running in tip-top shape.  With the correct information, the maintenance can be done in the driveway, even more advanced jobs than filter replacement or tuneups.

However, there are many adjustments, calibrations and procedures that require precision (ever put something back together and find an extra part?).

Factory Service Manual – All The Measurements You Need

Almost all of the measurements for your car can be found in the original factory service manual.

Is a Factory Service Manual a must? No, but there are many benefits.

In this article by Car Repair Blog, the author explains the benefits and uses for having a Factory Service Manual available for driveway car repairs

Online Factory Service Manual for Driveway Auto Repairs

Why good service manuals are as important as wrenches in my humble opinion. Tools are to the mechanic as blood is to the human body.

One of the most important tools can be a repair manual. Hear me out before you turn the page. Too often I see people avoid purchasing an auto repair manual because they considered it a wasteful expenditure.


Need the Factory Service Manual for your car?  Give me a call…I may have one in stock or I’ll be able to get it for you – 215-486-7040.

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