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Auto Security System – Can It Save Your Life? It Did for This Family…

Auto Security System | Preventing Fire | Stus EZ Auto Remote

Auto Security System to the rescue

The main reason to install an auto security system is to to prevent the theft of a car.

But for this and (apparently other families) their auto security system proved to be a life saver.

Auto Security System – the additional early warning 

Early in the morning, the homeowner’s auto security system alarm went off on the car parked in the garage.  When the homeowner opened the garage door, the garage was already engulfed in flames.  He quickly hustled everyone out and now they’re all safe.

Read the story and watch the video (with firetrucks and everything!) an see how the auto security system became a lifesaver:

Car Alarm Alerts Family of Fire

An auto security system alarm alerted a family of four their home was on fire early Friday morning.

The fire started near the family’s car at their Woodland home along Owens Valley Drive.

http://www.fox40.com/news/headlines/ktxl-car-alarm-alerts-family-of-fire-20120302,0,4436876.story-auto security system

Auto security system – the new reasons for getting one

The main reason for getting an auto security system is to prevent theft (maybe to lower insurance costs too?) but you might enjoy the added benefit of a life saving fire alarm.

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