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Keyless Entry Remotes – Useful Things To Know (Or Not)

Keyless Entry Remotes | Stus EZ Auto Remote

Keyless Entry Remotes – Useless Info or Not?

My wife says that I know more useless crap about cars than the average auto professional.  That may be true, but I like my useless crap knowledge.  I’m passionate about cars, car accessories and, yes, keyless entry remotes.

Keyless Entry Remotes – Why Are They Interesting?

Now why would keyless entry remotes for cars be the slightest bit interesting?  Well, in addition to being a big part of my livelihood, keyless entry remotes are actually much more complicated than people think.

  • keyless entry remotes have electronic chips in them with advanced technology
  • keyless entry remotes help keep our cars from getting stolen
  • keyless entry remotes make our lives more convenient and safer (when was the last time you actually stuck a key in a car door to open it?)

Keyless Entry Remotes – What You Need To Know

Keyless entry remotes have a lot going for them and I find them fascinating (as well as profitable).  So I’m always on the lookout for information related to keyless entry remotes.  I’ve found this interesting and I hope you do as well:

Useful Information about Keyless Entry Remotes 


Nine meters or thirty feet is the distance that a remote signal can be used to unlock a vehicle. Thus, the term “remote entry.” Convenience is the main feature of a keyless entry remote. Even if your hands are full, a simple press of the button can …

Do you find keyless entry remotes as fascinating as I do?  Maybe…perhaps not, but if you do and you need new keyless entry remotes for your car, give me a call.

I know more useless crap about keyless entry remotes than anyone.  Just ask my wife.

See Stu…he’s EZ

2 thoughts on “Keyless Entry Remotes – Useful Things To Know (Or Not)”

  1. I have ordered uncut keys from you before and I need another one for a 1999 Chevy Blazer. I need the programmable directions as well. How much would this be?

    Thank you
    Mary Jones


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