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Remote Starter Systems – What Do People Who Own Them Say?

Remote Starter Systems | Stu's EZ Auto Remote
Stu demonstrates the Viper Smart Start in this video

Remote Starter Systems – People Have Questions

Are you thinking about having a remote starter system installed in your car?  Do you have questions? Many people do.

I thought I would check out what people say about their remote starter systems so I “Googled” a number of car forums.  One of the most informative discussions I found was a thread on the Fiat 500 owners forum.

Remote Starter Systems – Varied Advice, Mostly Good

Some of the advice in the forum was a little wonky (people with no experience with remote starter systems giving advice on remote starter systems) but most of the postings were useful and generally positive.

Remote Starter Systems – Summary

Here’s what they said in a nutshell:

  • Have any remote starter systems installed by a professional
  • I have it and I like it (because it cools my car in the summer & warms my car in the winter)
  • The parking reminder works great.

Read the forum yourself…

Remote starter install issues…

Remote Starter Systems www.fiat500owners.com12/28/12

I’m looking to get a remote starter installed in my 2012 FIAT 500 POP and when i contacted my dealership they said its impossible because the parts, a.

BTW…if you have any questions on remote starter systems or want one installed, give me a call.  I’ve installed many and at great prices (in comparison to dealers).

See Stu…He’s EZ.

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