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Auto Remote – How Dirty is Your Remote?

Auto Remote | How Dirty | Stus EZ Auto Remotes

Auto Remote – Is it dirty?

Came across an interesting article listing the 25 dirtiest things you touch everyday.  Yes, everyday you touch these things.  And some of them are really dirty.

The auto remote is not on the list, but the TV remote is.  I bet your auto remote just as dirty as your TV remote.  Probably dirtier (you don’t put your TV remote in your pocket with the other dirty things in there, do you?).

And your auto remote is probably handled by other people.  Do you have teenagers?  God knows where their hands have been before they touch your auto remote.

Auto Remote – Not on the list…but probably should be

Here’s the article, fun yet shockingly familiar:

The 25 Dirtiest Things You Touch Every Day

Although you can’t see them, they’re everywhere. They’re on everything you touch, everything you eat, and they even live inside of you…by the millions.

What are they? They’re bacteria, and without them we would all die. But wait, aren’t bacteria the bad guys? Well, yes, in many cases they are.

auto remote – http://list25.com/the-25-dirtiest-things-you-touch-every-day/

Here’s a suggestion…if your auto remote is old and dirty, come over and see me.  I’ll set you up with a nice clean shiny new auto remote.

Oh, and I’ll be sure to wash my hands before I do it.

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