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Remote Key Programming – Reprogram Your Own Transponder Key…FAIL

Remote Key Programming – Not So Easy…

Here’s a video of someone trying to program their own remote key programming.  It’s only 28 seconds and he fails.

I can understand why someone would want to do it themselves, it’s costly to go to a dealer and get a transponder key replacement .

Remote Key Programming – Why Create a Video?

What I can’t understand is why he would create and upload a video to YouTube, especially when the attempt is unsuccessful?

Remote Key Programming link to video

Remote Key Programming – Do it Yourself or see Stu (because he’s EZ)?

If you have the right equipment, expertise and replacement parts, you can do the remote key programming on your own.  However, it’s still somewhat expensive.

I have an alternative.  Come see me, I am a professional transponder key programmer.  I’ll do the remote key programming and set you up with a new transponder key quickly, and at a very reasonable cost.

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