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Owner’s Manuals – A Comprehensive Guide On Owners Manuals

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Owner’s Manuals – Brochure or Guide? Owner’s manuals are not just another brochure or paper you get while purchasing the car. This instructional book has all the information you need to operate your specific model’s features, along with indispensable troubleshooting advice. Although owner’s manuals may not sound interesting, taking some time to go through this information … Read more

Radio Repairs – Radios in Modern Cars are Computerized

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Radio Repairs – Back in the Day… Back in the day, car radios were separate units within the car. Granted, they were connected to other components like batteries and speakers. However, they were in most part semi-autonomous. Because of this simplicity, car radio repairs were more straightforward. You would simply take out the radio unit, … Read more

Auto Locksmith – What Is A Real Auto Locksmith?

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Auto Locksmith – Hopefully You Don’t Need One Too Often Sometimes everyday routines and the hustle and bustle of life distract people from keeping their car keys close at hand or in an accessible place. In such times there are only a few options a person has to choose from. They can either go back home … Read more

Instrument Cluster Repairs – Digital Dashboard Breakdown

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Instrument Cluster – What Is It? The electronic instrument cluster, or digital dashboard for short, is a collection of feedback displays in the car dashboard, including the speedometer, fuel level, engine RPM (rotations per minute) temperature and a variety of other measurements. The electronic instrument cluster was first used in 1976 by Aston Martin Lagonda. In … Read more

Car Remotes – 5 Mistakes People Make When Trying To Repair A Car Remote

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Car Remotes – Nobody Thinks About Them Until They Don’t Work Car Remotes sit at the end of our key chains.  Always there.  Always working….until they don’t.  Then we can’t open our car (remotely…we can still do it manually..ugh).  Can’t remotely open the trunk.  Cant set off the panic alarm (if we get into a panic). … Read more

Remote Start Systems Compared – Viper SmartStart, Code Alarm, AutoPage

Remote Start Systems – Three Products Compared To disclose up front, I am a Preferred Viper SmartStart dealer.  I install and service Viper SmartStart products (I use them myself as well).  I’ve made several videos on using Viper SmartStart (one has gone viral) and endorse their products. However, there are a number of other remote start … Read more

Dash Cameras – Growing Popularity and Necessity of Dash Cameras

Dash Cameras – Enjoying International Popularity Dash Cam, Dash cameras or car cameras are small and cost-effective video cameras that are now becoming more and more popular to people around the world. The most valuable application of these cameras on a person’s vehicle is establishing who’s at fault when car accidents arise. If a driver … Read more