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Locksmiths Recycle Your Old Auto Keys And Save Hundreds of Dollars

Stop Throwing Money Away, Recycle Your Old Auto Remotes

Auto keys usually can’t be reused.  So, after a customer has a new auto remote cut and programmed, they usually leave the old remote with the auto locksmith to throw away.

So, they get thrown into a bin and pile up until spring cleaning (or just pile up).  These old (formerly unusable) auto remotes can now be reprogrammed, refurbished and re-used, resulting in substantial savings for the locksmith.

In this video, Stu explains how auto locksmiths can get their used keys unlocked and talks about a service that will return the old auto key to new condition.

Save Money Today – Recycle Your Old Auto Remotes

There you have it, the whole process of re-programming an auto remote to new with several examples.

Here’s what I suggest…….bring me all of your old auto remotes.  I’ll recycle the car remotes quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost.

I have a knowledgeable staff that is interested in serving you courteously and can answer your questions about this process.

That’s what I do.  Re-program, repair, refurbish “pre-owned” car remotes.  See Stu, he’s EZ.

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