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Smart Keys and Proximity Keys | How Auto Smart Keys and Proximity Keys Work

Smart Keys and Proximity Keys – The New Way to Open and Start Your Car

The way you open and start your car is going through a transformation…..you now do this with a smart key.

Many new cars are being built with smart key and proximity key technology. In this video, I explain what smart keys are and how they work.

Smart Key Programming

If you need a smart key or proximity key replacement, come to me.  I’ll get your smart key programmed quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost.  I have a knowledgeable staff that is interested in serving you courteously (and quickly).

That’s what I do.  Repair, replace and re-program auto remotes (including smart key technology) .  See Stu, he’s EZ.

2 thoughts on “Smart Keys and Proximity Keys | How Auto Smart Keys and Proximity Keys Work”

  1. What nice people ! GREAT service ,super fast and at a cost I was so thankful for ! Everyone should know about your place. We recently purchased a used vehicle and the remote stopped working . There was no way we could afford a new one. I called a friend Dave at ray blalocks and he gave me the name of Stu’s. I almost didn’t call but thank God I did.. we went there and Tori helped us. Great person !! A new remote she had programmed it and all we weren’t there not even 20 minutes and only paid $74 + change.. that was tax and all !! Finally a business that helps people instead of robbing them blind!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Lisa , Jeff & Brittney


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