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Recycle Your Old Auto Keys

Auto Key Recycling – Don’t Throw Money Away

Auto keys usually can’t be reused.  The have to be programmed for the auto that they are paired with and, up until now, you threw them away when you needed a replacement.

Now, you can save money by recycling the circuit board and shell by having the key reprogrammed and restored to it’s original manufacturers condition.

In this video, Stu explains how auto keys can be re-programmed and talks about a service that will return the old auto key to new condition.

Auto Key Recycling – Come to the Auto Remote Expert

Come see me, I am a professional transponder key programmer.  I’ll do the remote key programming and return the key to it’s original state so it can be re-used. This will save you the cost of buying an entirely new key (quite expensive) and save you money.

Come see me to recycle your auto key.  It’s EZ.

2 thoughts on “Recycle Your Old Auto Keys”

  1. I thank you Stu for rescuing me last week when I had lost all of my keys. Until then, I had no idea that I could have a new set of computer chip fob keys manufactured right at my car, and in only half an hour. Inexpensively, too (ala AAA). Thank you also for suggesting that I get a second key………..that made more than reasonable sense, given what I had just experienced in losing all of my keys. Just as a side note, on Friday, I received a message from the Linc……………..they found my keys! Yea! Eagles! From one happy Mt. Laurel school bus driver, thank you.

  2. Hi Stu! I need to recycle 4 car keys they’re duplicates so 2 different sets one for a 2011 Honda Accord and the other for 2008 Mercury Mariner. I recently discharged from a chapter 7 and I owed more than what my vehicles were worth so I let those go. The back came and repossessed them but I still have the keys and didn’t want to just throw them away. I know longer have any use for them obviously, so can I recycle them I guess is what I’m asking?


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