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Car Remote – Can thieves copy your codes?

Car Remote – Can It Be Duplicated By Car Thieves?

I had this question asked of me several times in the past few months.  It appears that the media has had a number of videos sent to them purporting that thieves now have technology that can easily bypass the security built into a car remote.

A few years ago, this video circulated in the Chicago area that showed a thief walking past the car and, by pressing “something,” the car unlocked and he easily gained access to the car:

The police and auto experts are concerned because they are not aware of any technology existing today that can just unlock cars.  They suspect that the thief had access to the codes or transponder key technology for that specific car.

However, several people in the neighborhood reported that their cars were unlocked and items were missing from their cars.

The car experts are looking out for anyone trying to sell car remote unlock technology and state that even if the doors can unlock, it would still be difficult to steal the car without a key. Police in the Chicago area recommend that people not keep valuables in the car (good advice).

Car Remote Hacking In Great Britain

A recent news report coming from England is cause for concern because there appears to be a ring of “car remote hackers” that can do just what car owners fear….unlock and start a car without the actual car remote and key.

Here’s the report:

The video has a very good explanation about how car remote security works, all told with cool English accents.

Car Remote Technology Advances

On a final note, not all is looking so bleak.  In the next report by c|net ( a very well respected technology news source) cars are getting harder to steal and car theft is down.  They do talk about cars with the keyless car remote, but they cover other technologies as well.

This final video gives me hope.  Thieves will always look for easy ways to steal.  I’ve always wondered why they don’t put the same ingenuity into honest pursuits, but hey, they’re criminals…that’s what criminals do.  Even smarter (and honest) people will come up with ways to make cars harder to steal.

In the meantime, we have our car remote and keys to worry about.  By the way, need a new one?  I can replace or duplicate your car remote, quickly, conveniently and at a reasonable price.  I’m Stu and getting a new car remote is EZ.



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