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Car Alarms…Are They Worth The Money?

Car Alarms – Is Everyone Ignoring Them?

A few times a year I hear a car alarm go off in the parking lot. What do I do? Nothing.

Car alarms go off so frequently in so many different areas that I don’t pay attention anymore. Nor, it seems, does anyone else.
Car alarms - do they stop thieves? -ezautoremote.com

So, are car alarms worth it? Should you spend money on expensive car alarms only to have them ignored? Are they effective any more?

Here are a few of my thoughts on the matter.

First, almost every car comes with a security system built in. Yes, most auto remotes have an anti-theft system built right in. Read this post where I explain how transponder keys work — Cars Alarms & Transponder Keys – Is It Secure for Your Car?

However, is this enough?

It depends. If you have an older model car that is not in high demand for parts, probably. The probability of your car being stolen is low (unless you do something dumb like leave your keys in the car while it’s running).

If you have a popular car or luxury car that commands a high price on the stolen car market, then it might be worthwhile to invest in some extra security. Check out this list of cars most likely to be stolen in the US – The Most Stolen Cars In The US

Car Alarms – What Do People Say?

The consensus is that loud, blaring car alarms annoy people and only scare off amateur thieves. These noisy car alarms rarely deter professional thieves. Here’s an article from a (former) professional car thief telling what he thinks of car alarms and other tips to prevent theft – Tips To Prevent Car Theft From A Former Car Thief

Instead of a noisy alarm that annoys people rather than protect against theft, get a Viper SmartStart system with tracking alerts. You’ll be instantly notified when someone interferes with your car. Here’s my video that explains how it works.

Can you absolutely guarantee that you car won’t get stolen? Unfortunately, no. But you can reduce the odds significantly with some preventative measures. The combination of the security built into your keyless remote and a reliable Viper Smart Start System with GPS tracking can give you much peace of mind.

Have some questions? Want to talk about protecting your car? Call me, I’ll show you how to protect your car. I’m Stu and I’m EZ.

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