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Viper Smart Start – Still Evolving

Viper Smart Start – What is it?

Viper Smart Start is an app that downloads to your smart phone and does everything short of drive your car.  OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it does way more than start your car.

Viper Smart Start – Some Examples of What It Can Do…

Need to open the trunk for your luggage before you leave the house?  Viper Smart Start does that.

You just got through airport security, you’re out of range for most remotes and you have the nagging feeling you left the car unlocked.  Viper Smart Start will lock it for you!

You get back from your trip and, darn, you forgot to jot down where you parked your car in the long term lot.   Viper Smart Start will tell you where you parked it.

It’s an app that is constantly evolving…becoming more useful…for some, indispensable.

Viper Smart Start – Award Winning Remote Control

Here’s more on the Viper Smart Start, including some awards it’s won…

Start, Stop, Lock, Or Even Pop The Trunk, All From The Palm Of Your Hand

Developer’s Description: Viper SmartStart is the first ever app that allows users to start, stop, lock, unlock, pop the trunk and that’s not all – it’s continually evolving.  Since its debut, when it won Best of Innovations at CES and

Click here to read more of the article – ceweek.mobileappsshowdown.com – Viper Smart Start3/23/12

Yes…I have a Viper Smart Start on my phone…and I love it.  At first it was like a toy.  Now it’s more like an extended part of my car.

You can get one too.  Give me a call or drop by.  I’ll show you mine and how it works……and I’ll quote you a great price for installation.

Remember…see Stu, he’s EZ.

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