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Factory Service Manuals – How Accurate Are They?

Factory Servie Manuals - Stus EZ Auto RemoteFactory Service Manuals – What’s the difference?

Factory Service Manuals are different from Owner’s Manuals.

Owner’s Manuals, although extremely useful for the operation of the car, do not provide enough detail when the car needs to be serviced.

Factory Service Manuals are prized documents when you need to service an older model auto and want to keep it running in tip top shape.

Fuel systems, electrical systems, suspension systems, exhaust systems (boy there are a lot of systems), transmission, steering, brakes, almost every aspect of how the car was built can be found in the Factory Service Manuals.

Factory Service Manuals – The Same as Brand Service Manuals?

Factory Service Manuals are ALSO DIFFERENT FROM BRAND MANUALS.  Brand manuals are service manuals for specific autos generated by publishing companies.  These companies are not the auto manufacturers.  These manuals can be very useful as well and are condensed versions of the Factory Service Manuals published by the original car manufacturer.

They are certainly cheaper, slimmer and sometimes more concise.  But sometimes, they are not.

Factory Service Manuals – Side by side comparison

Have a look below at the video produced by Eric The Car Guy.  In the video, Eric demonstrates the difference between the Factory Service Manuals and Brand Service Manuals.

Factory Service Manuals on YouTube

Looking for original Factory Service Manuals for your car?  Give me a call.  I search, purchase and archive Factory Service Manuals and might have exactly what you’re looking for.

Call me, I’m Stu and I’m EZ.

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