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Dash Cameras – Growing Popularity and Necessity of Dash Cameras

Dash cameras ezautoremote.Dash Cameras – Enjoying International Popularity

Dash Cam, Dash cameras or car cameras are small and cost-effective video cameras that are now becoming more and more popular to people around the world.

The most valuable application of these cameras on a person’s vehicle is establishing who’s at fault when car accidents arise. If a driver gets into an accident, he or she will be assured that everything is recorded.

The camera is like the black box recorder in a plane.  The camera captures all the happenings, incidents and accidents within it’s view.

Dash Cameras – What are the benefits?

Here are the major benefits that drivers can get from having dash cameras in their cars:

1. The recorded video from dash cameras can serve as first-hand evidence of car accidents.

This is the main reason why more and more people want to install car cameras. They want to be assured that if ever they get into a car accident, the video in the camera can prove that they are not at fault. Almost all dash cameras start recording videos as soon as the driver starts the engine.

Check out some of the outrageous insurance scammers caught red-handed on a dash cam:


Dash Cameras – Insurance Scammers!

2. Car cameras can be used to report the undisciplined drivers.

Having a car camera can let you report the undisciplined drivers that you get to cross with while driving. The video that the camera has can let the police officers know what these undisciplined drivers are doing. So it is really important that many irresponsible and reckless drivers can be reported and accidents caused by them can be prevented through car cameras.

3. Dash cameras can give feedback to both worried parents and driving instructors.

Driving instructors can monitor the driving capacity of their students through the videos that can be seen in the dash cameras. Parents can be assured that they will be able to know if their stubborn children will use their cars for insignificant events. Also, taxi companies will be able to monitor the distance covered by their taxi drivers.

4. Dash cameras have exciting features that you will surely love.

The improving technology also paved the way for the evolution of dash cameras. Now, dash cameras have a lot of useful functions that drivers enjoy. Many dash cameras come with spoken status updates and audible notifications. Drivers will also be notified in real-time if there is a problem with the storage card or camera. Car cameras also have low battery usage feature. Some car cameras are embedded with a GPS device so that drivers can track their location and speed.

Dash Cameras – Some Choices

If you want to buy dash cams, then you can choose one from the three basic types of dash cameras. The first type is the basic dash cam. This type of dash camera is the most affordable and convenient to use but it has no special features. The second type is composed of dash cameras with advanced features. The advanced features include speed sensors, GPS logging, accelerometers and uninterruptible power supplies. The last type is the dash camera for interior and exterior purposes. This type of camera has the special features of the second type and another unique feature. Its unique feature is that one camera faces outward and records the exterior surroundings while the other records the interior of the vehicle.

Indeed, buying dash cameras or car cameras is very beneficial. So buy a dash camera now and reap its astonishing benefits.

Interested in installing a dash cam?  Give me a call.  We’re just getting into this technology ourselves and we would be glad to discuss the options.

As always, see Stu, he’s EZ.

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