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Remote Start Systems Compared – Viper SmartStart, Code Alarm, AutoPage

remote start systemsRemote Start Systems – Three Products Compared

To disclose up front, I am a Preferred Viper SmartStart dealer.  I install and service Viper SmartStart products (I use them myself as well).  I’ve made several videos on using Viper SmartStart (one has gone viral) and endorse their products. However, there are a number of other remote start systems and I believe an informed consumer can make better choices when they have more information.

Most car owners with a remote start system will confirm that having a car remote starter provides a lot of convenience. With remote starters, car owners can start their engines from up to miles away. You can be in a different part of the world and use your remote start system to start your car (probably not practical, but still possible). Some use a keyless access system that allows for the locking and unlocking of doors using Bluetooth cell phone technology.

Many mechanics will also agree that a vehicle should run for a few minutes before it’s driven. Engine life gets prolonged, and oil viscosity (ability to flow) improves. Starting your car with a remote start can be done from within your home, so the engine will run without the owner having to start it manually.

Another very convenient feature of this wireless system is the fact that the car owner can adjust for winter or summer weather. During the winter, the remote car starter can be used to warm up the inside of the car before getting into the car. During the summer, the cooling system can be activated from outside the vehicle. Just remember to leave the vehicle A/C on after parking, so it powers on when the vehicle is started.

Remote Start Systems – The Viper SmartStart

Today almost everyone is using their smartphone for communicating with everyone and controlling everything. Keeping up with news, getting to new places with Google Maps, and even paying bills for products and services. The same way, vehicles use an RF signal transmitter to unlock the doors of their cars and to have the engine started.  Viper SmartStart is a remote app for a Smartphone that performs a variety of functions.

How SmartStart Works

Here’s a link to the Viper SmartStart page explaining the features and benefits of Viper SmartStart.

One of the new features added since the video is Viper SmartKey.  Viper SmartKey can be set to unlock the car when you come within a given distance of the car while carrying your smartphone. The opposite happens when you leave the car by a considerable distance; the doors lock automatically. This feature also includes being able to start/stop the engine from within the set perimeter using the application.

Another scenario, if you’ve been out with friends and it’s time to go home and you’re not familiar with the area, finding your car might be a bit challenging. Viper Smartstart has a GPS control system that will track the location of your car from wherever you are. A better alternative than wandering around in an unfamiliar area.

Remote Start Systems Information – Viper SmartStart

Remote Start Systems – Code Alarm

Code Alarm security remote start systems are more focused on keyless entry and remote start . Their product features lock and unlock options, and some products provide a starter interrupt feature that renders unauthorized ignition invalid. The moment the alarm goes off, a signal light goes on warning the owner of an attempted entry. The vehicle owner memorizes a 4-digit number combination that only he has access to. In the event of losing the plastic fob to a hijacker or a criminal, access to the vehicle will be denied unless the code has been leaked.

Remote Start Systems Information – Code Alarm Products

Remote Start Systems – Autopage Remote Car Starter

The Autopage Remote starter is another addition to the advancing list of remote start systems. Features:

  1. Two-way LCD remote transceiver
  2. Long range window-mount receiver
  3. Remote car starter (keyless entry)
  4. Turbo Timer for vehicles with turbochargers

Remote Start Systems Information – Auto Page

Remote Start Systems – Making The Right Choice

With all the remote start options, one of the most important considerations is security. Consider a system that proves an option that guarantees total tracking and recovery. Something like a Viper Smartstart has many advantages.

If, after due diligence, you still have questions, give me a call.  Providing relevant, valuable information to my customers is a high priority for me.

Call or stop by, I’ll be glad to talk.  See Stu, he’s EZ.

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