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Auto Remotes – Did You Buy A Car With One Key?

auto remotes - stus ez auto remoteAuto Remotes – Should Have Two For Each Car

There are sure a lot of used cars sold in the United States every year — roughly 44,000,000. That means one in six people in the US buy a used car every year.

One of the most obvious warnings communicated about buying a used car is “caveat emptor” (let the buyer beware) because used cars (sometimes called pre-owned) rarely come with a warranty. However the prices are usually substantially lower than a new car.  There a number of things we can do to increase the odds that we won’t have trouble with a used car.

Auto Remotes – The Unmentioned Problem

In almost all of the “buyer beware” advice, no one mentions this problem which I find all the time: people buy used cars with only one auto remote. Very few people realize this problem until a few days after they’ve taken possession of the car. Sometimes the previous owner has stored extra auto remotes somewhere in their house. But, often, there is only one remote for the car.

Auto Remotes – Additional Advice If You’re Looking For A Used Car

If you are looking for a used car, I would recommend you go to one of my favorite sources for excellent consumer advice, Consumer Reports. In the video below, they offer some very sound recommendations for what to do when you buy a used car:

Auto Remotes – Having An Extra For Peace of Mind

For peace of mind and convenience sake, you should have two auto remotes for your car. If you’ve bought the car and you only have one, call me and I’ll get you fixed up with a new auto remote right away ( that’s why I’m called EZ Auto Remotes).

If you have not bought the car yet, see if you can get the previous owner to throw in an additional auto remote (even if they have to buy one new) or reduce the price by 50 to 100 bucks to cover the cost of any additional auto remotes.

Here’s a tip, if you’re selling a car make sure you have two auto remotes and use it as a selling point. Even if you have to get another, it’s actually a pretty cheap selling point and it might sway a buyer who is comparing your used car to a competitor.

I know that having an additional auto remote seems like a little thing, but it becomes a big thing when you need it.

Let me help make your life easy and get you the auto remote you need. It’s EZ.

4 thoughts on “Auto Remotes – Did You Buy A Car With One Key?”

  1. I have a 2012 Scion IQ.
    I only got 1 remote keyfob with the car. They want a ridiculous price for a second key.
    Can you help me?


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