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Keyless Remotes – Car Keys Are Not Created Equally

keyless remotes - they look all the sameKeyless Remotes – They Look the Same to a Lot of People

Although most keyless remotes look the same (key with little black box attached) there are actually a variety of car keys and they are constantly evolving.

Here’s a list of some of the differences in car keyless remotes:

Keyless Remotes – TYPE OF KEY

Laser cut keys — These keyless remotes have a unique appearance. They are thicker than regular car keys and a winding slit cut at a constant depth running up the center of the key. They are also sometimes called sidewinder keys, because of wavy shape of the Key. Laser cut keys can be inserted into the lock either way and still function. Laser cut keys are usually only found on cars made since the 1990’s and generally on more upscale car brands.

Machine cut keys — this is the most common type of car keyless remotes. These keys are cut mechanically, either by a manually-operated, semi-automatic, or fully automatic key cutters. Here’s a video I made that shows how I make machine cut keys in my shop.

Smart keys — These keys are not actually keys in the traditional sense but are being used more and more with new model cars. The smart key can be kept in a pocket pocket when unlocking, locking and starting the vehicle. The key is identified by the car through electronic means when it is inside the car. A button is pushed to start the car. This type of key currently provides the most up-to-date antitheft technology and is very hard to hack.

Keyless Remotes – SECURITY

Flat – these keys are found mainly on much older model cars and are not made anymore for automobiles. They are rather hard to find since they have been supplanted by keyless remotes with transponder chips.

Transponder — This is the type of key that has been provided for cars built after 1995. With the key in the ignition, a chip embedded in the car sends an electronic message to the key and allows the car to start if the car’s chip receives the correct code from the key. This is a huge advance in preventing car theft since these keys with chips can be programmed only if you have special equipment.

Keyless Remotes – USE

Master — The master key fits all the locks on your vehicle (ignition, doors, trunk, glove boxes). Basically, if you have this key, you have access to anything in the car.

Valet — The valet key works only in the ignition and the door locks. You can keep the glove box locked when you leave your vehicle. This is very handy if you want to keep the personal property in your car secure.

Keyless Remotes – Differences

Most people don’t have a deep interest in the variety and differences in car keys, but I do. Not only is it my business, but it’s my way of helping people solve their problems with access to their car.

Keys are little things but can cause big problems if they don’t work (or if you have the wrong type of key for what you need).

Having a problem with your auto remotes? key fobs? anything else key related? Give me a call, I know keys!

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