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Instrument Cluster Repairs – Digital Dashboard Breakdown

Instrument Cluster – What Is It?

The electronic instrument cluster, or digital dashboard for short, is a collection of feedback displays in the car dashboard, including the speedometer, fuel level, engine RPM (rotations per minute) temperature and a variety of other measurements.

The electronic instrument cluster was first used in 1976 by Aston Martin Lagonda. In America, the first digital instrument cluster was introduced by Cadillac Seville with the use of the Cadillac Trip Computer.

Issues with the Instrument Cluster

Although quite durable, computerized speedometers have some drawbacks. For instance, while a simple speedometer can show a number of rates, advanced speedometers, for the most part, show speeds in entire numbers. Digital readings can take away the feeling of continuous increasing speed that is given by a simple speedometer.

Digital speedometers are more costly to repair than simple speedometers.

However, most drivers expect digital readouts in today’s modern cars, especially the higher end luxury models.

Consulting An Expert For Repair

If a display in the digital dashboard needs repair, we recommend that you consult an expert who is familiar with these types of repairs.  Repairs affect the speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, oil pressure, temp and volt gauges.  Attempting repairs on an element of the digital dashboard can negatively affect the other elements.

I put a video together where I demonstrate how to break down a typical instrument cluster for a Ford Pick-Up Truck.

Instrument Cluster & Speedometer Repairs Video on YouTube

If you’re experiencing trouble with your digital dashboard (lights, readouts or operation) give me a call or drop me an email.  I service many different types of intrument clusters and digital dashboards.

I’m Stu and getting your instrument cluster fixed is EZ.

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